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Abba Solutions is an Alaska Native owned business consulting firm which is located in Anchorage, Alaska.  The Abba Consulting Team has a broad range of business experiences, varied backgrounds and expertise, which can meet our client's unique needs especially those who do business in rural Alaska.  Furthermore, individual team members possess the accomplished skill sets and networking relationships that are tailored toward helping village corporations, tribes and rural municipalities.  The consulting team understands and is very familiar with many of the obstacles and challenges in doing business in rural Alaska because they have worked for and along side many Native profit and non-profit organizations. Although Abba Solutions is primarily focused on rural entities we are also prepared to serve businesses all over Alaska and beyond. 


In 2013 and 2014 we were able to assist a village corporation to secure a $1.75 million dollar government guaranteed loan to construct a new retail facility in their community.  In addition, we lead a joint village corporation and tribal entity effort to secure State capital project funds for a new tank farm through a state agency. Also, we worked closely with both entities and a state agency to resolve problematic issues between all parties, which eventually resulted in releasing critically needed grant funds to resume work of their powerhouse and power generation system.  For another client we revamped and improved the village corporation's website.


Our vision is to strive to be the best consulting firm in Alaska.  


Our Vision

Striving to be the best consulting firm to serve our clientele...

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